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How To Care For Sew-In Weft Hair Extensions To Make Them Last Long?

Learn how to make your sew-in extensions last longer

Sew-in hair extensions can completely change how you look by increasing volume and adding length to your hair. Celebrities and women use them to get gorgeous hairstyles in a few hours.

Although they offer everything you possibly want, weaves need proper love and care, just like your natural hair!

In this blog, we will discuss how to make your sew-in weft hair extensions last longer and everything related to sew-in weft hair extensions!

10 Reasons Why Sew-In Weft Hair Extensions Are Popular

10 reasons why sew-in extensions are popular

There are several reasons why women choose sew-in weft hair extensions over other forms.

Check out some of the most notable reasons right here:

  1. The most common reason is that sew-in weft hair extensions add length and volume to your hair where you want it. They can cover thinning hair and transition your hairstyle from short to long. This provides you the freedom to alter your look without waiting for your hair to grow.
  2. There are several ways to style it! With sew-in hair extensions, you can switch up your style from straight to wavy and curly in minutes.
  3. There is a huge variety of textures and colors to choose from, and unlike clip-ins, you don’t have to match the texture as your natural hair will be tucked underneath. Blending is also not an issue, especially with a full sew-in installation.
  4. Another popular reason for choosing sew-in hair extensions is there is no effects on your real hair because your natural hair will be left without constant manipulation. In simple terms, sew-in weft hair extensions will let your natural hair take a break.
  5. Sew-in weft extensions are one of the best methods of installing length to your hair because the process does not necessitate the use of heat or glue. There is no risk of hair falling out compared to tape-in and glue-in methods.
  6. Wearing sew-in weft hair extensions allows you to style your hair quickly, which is ideal for busy days.
  7. Sew-in hair extensions have been proven to boost natural hair growth because you are not spending hours heat-styling or relaxing your hair.
  8. Sew-in weft extensions are also a great way to let your natural hair repair itself as it is not subjected to daily styling.
  9.  Compared to other semi-permanent installations, sew-in provides one of the most natural results, especially with virgin hair bundles.
  10. There are multiple braiding patterns to choose from, such as the vixen pattern, zig-zag pattern, and asymmetrical pattern for versatility.


So, How Long Do Sew-In Weft Extensions Last?

A beautiful blonde sew-in hairstyle

Based on natural hair growth and personal care, a healthy sew-in extension cycle lasts between 6-8 weeks.

We recommend that you schedule an upkeep session at a salon. After two weeks, have your sew-in weft hair extensions and natural hair treated by professionals, and on the fourth week, have them adjusted. Search for a women hair salon near me to find a reputable one.


We advise getting the closure repositioned on the third week if you have a lace closure sewn in.


How Do You Know When To Remove Sew-In Weft Hair Extensions?

Signs you need to remove your weave

Sew-in extensions give you more confidence and enhance your attitude, so it’s reasonable if you’re hesitant to remove them after the eighth week.

When your sew-in weft hair extensions aren’t receiving proper care, then your hair will give you signs it’s time to take them out.

Look for the following common signs:

  • When your hair and scalp feel unusually itchy and continue with no end in sight, it is probably a sign that you need to remove your extensions.
  • If your hair still feels dry despite moisturizing and oiling your hair and scalp regularly, your scalp and hair are likely itching to break free.
  • Another telltale sign is a ton of oil build-up. Every time you touch your hair and end up with oily fingers, it’s time to let the sew-in extension go!
  • It’s natural for sew-in weft hair extensions to shed over time, but if it’s shedding in large pieces frequently, your hair is trying to talk to you!
  • Despite all attempts, if your leave-out does not seem to blend with the weave or if the leave-out is not covering the tracks.
  • When it becomes next to impossible to heat-style your weave, it means the time has come.


11 Tips To Make Sew-In Weft Hair Extensions Last Longer

11 tips to make your sew-in last longer

Now let’s discuss some effective tips to make your sew-in weft hair extensions last just a bit longer.

  1. Start with premium quality weft hair extensions. Make certain that the only hair you purchase is 100 percent virgin human hair with all cuticles running in the same direction, as this is the greatest quality available.
  2. Get your sew-in installed at a reliable salon. Search for a women’s hair salon near me if you can’t find one. Getting sew-in installed by a professional will make a huge difference in how your extensions look and last.
  3. Once every two weeks, use moisturizing hair care products to wash and condition your sew-in extensions. Regular products contain chemicals that are harmful to your extensions. Don’t rub the products vigorously; it will not only damage your weave but strain your natural hair.
  4. Wrap your weave in a microfiber towel to soak up excess moisture after washing and conditioning it.
  5. Combat flakes by applying oil to your scalp and roots. An applicator with a nozzle is the perfect tool to reach every nook and corner.
  6. Use a lightweight leave-in conditioner for your sew-in extensions. It will keep your weave looking healthy and luscious.
  7. Detangle your sew-in every night using your fingers, then give it a quick comb before braiding it.
  8. Minimizing heat-styling equipment is one of the most efficient strategies to keep your sew-in extensions in good shape. There are a number of heatless techniques that will give you killer waves and curls. Use heatless rollers on damp hair overnight, and a setting spray can be used to keep the curls in place.
  9. Cover your sew-in with a satin scarf or bonnet after braiding. The satin material will prevent your weave from becoming dry. You will notice fewer tangles, breakage, and shedding with moisture in your hair and silk material protecting your weave.
  10. The edges around your hairline are very delicate. You should use Water-based products to maintain them and avoid hot combs.
  11. While at-home care is important and effective, don’t forget to keep up with your appointments. Professional stylists will care for the sew-in in a way that you may not be able to.



Sew-in weft hair extensions are one of the best ways to boost your confidence and flaunt beautiful hair for weeks! Use this blog as a guide to maintaining your sew-in and making them last longer. For best results, do not skip any of the tips mentioned above!

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