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How to draw a colored drawing – A step by step guide

When it comes to any graphic, there are usually two main aspects. The first is the drawing itself, and the second aspect will usually be the added colors. A design can often be enhanced and made even more beautiful when unique colors are added, and that’s what we’ll explore in this guide. Learning to draw a colorful drawing is a great way to express you artistically! If this chimes like something you’d enjoy learning, look no further than the tutorial. Our step-by step guide on drawing a colorful design in 6 easy steps will show you everything you need to know about creating vibrant works of art. Flower Drawing

 How To Draw A Colored Drawing – Allows Get Begun!

Step 1

In this guide on how to draw a colored drawing, we will represent a pretty floral design to color. This will be drawn into several canapés accumulating a whole beautiful picture for the former. For this first step, you can start by drawing a circle for the center of the image. You can try doing this freehand, but it can also be much easier if you use a tool like a drawing compass. Then you can add several small petal shapes all around this round center. Finally, we’ll draw five large rounded petals forming a border around this shape. You can also use this drawing compass to help you with these sections. Once these are drawn, we can start the next layer in step 2.

Step 2 – Now draw the next layer of this colored drawing

This stage of your colored drawing will see you adding more canapés to this lovely image. First, we’ll remove some details inside the areas drawn in the last step. You can start by drawing a smaller circle inside the center circle already there. Next, transpose another rounded line inside each rounded petal from the previous step. Finally, we’ll add a curved petal shape between each hollow of these rounded petals, as shown in the reference image.

Step 3: Draw larger petals for the design.

We will now add larger petals to the outer layer of the design in this third step of our guide on how to draw a colored plan. These petals will start and end on the outlines of those large rounded petals in the center of the image. However, these new ones will be larger and will have a pointed tip at the end. There will also be another line drawn near the inner perimeter of each petal. When you’ve removed those big petals, move on to the next layer in step 4!

Step 4 – Next, draw some details for the existing petals

Before adding a new layer to this colored drawing, we will add some details to the removed layers. We’ll add some vein detail to some smaller, curved leaves that stick out from the center of the image. Then you can draw curved lines in the large petals you drew in the previous step to give them more texture detail. Once this is drawn, we can finish the final touches in the next step!

Step 5 – Add Final Details to Your Colored Drawing

It’s almost time to add those essential colors to the picture in the last step of this guide on how to draw a colored drawing! The final details we used in our example are simple but effective in finishing off the floral design. We’ve added long, curved lines to the outer perimeter of the image to create prettier petals. Once these are also added, you can create more unique details yourself! You can add more sofas to this design or even create a new one entirely. If you’ve been very creative, you can challenge yourself to keep adding layers until you fill the whole page. What do you think you would like to add to this beautiful floral design?

Step 6: Finish your colored drawing with color.

All of the steps in this guide have been carried over to this one. This is the step where you can bring this colorful drawing to life with unique colors! We showed you only one way to color this image in our reference image. We wanted this image to be beautiful and vibrant, so we used warm and cool color combinations. You can take this approach too, but you should also let your creativity run free when choosing the colors for this fantastic design! Colors can help add your feelings and personality to an image, so this is a step where you should let your color choices flow naturally.


The choice of art mediums you use for the colors can also help make the colors pop, which is also part of the fun! What do you use to finish this fantastic colorful design? Your colored drawing is complete! Once all 6 steps are completed, you have completed this guide on drawing a colorful drawing! Experimenting with patterns and colors can be a great way to relax and get rid of some of the stress in your life, and we wanted to show you how you can do this during the guide.

I hope the steps in this tutorial made it even easier than you ever imagined! Now that you have completed this guide, the drawing journey has only begun! You’ve mastered this design, but there’s still more you could do! This design is all about expressing your creativity, and you can do that by tuning into new formats or experimenting with more colors and artistic mediums. When you are done expressing yourself with this image, you can find a new drawing guide to take when you visit our website. We have plenty to try, and we often upload new ones. It would be great to see how your colorful drawing turned out, so once you’re done, don’t forget to share your creation on our Facebook and interest pages!