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Are you tired of looking like a fragile. Just feeling low whenever a strong person passes around you, aiming to build muscles and get stronger?

Here’s the thing which will help you, that is workout splits. The division of our workout into different part is all known as workout splits. This helps body builders and general gym goers to focus their efforts in a way that optimizes results. Workout splits allow you to work harder and smarter by sticking you to a proven plan to work

Let’s see two common works out splits:


Upper and lower splits help you to get more gain efficiency. Upper lower splits are quite fetching. One has to do upper body exercise first and lower body exercise second. Training is split into upper and lower body sections. The muscle group in one half of your body is train each day at the gym. Focus muscle group or more than one muscle per session. Upper body workout vary according to one’s need includes workout and lifting the target like shoulders, biceps, triceps, middle and upper back chest whereas lower body workout targets the abdominals like lower back, glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves.

A schedule for upper lower split schedule includes one day training and one day rest this schedule continues still 2 weeks or more as per the need.  You can go for light cardio when you do not have workouts.

The schedule for example:

Monday- upper body

  1. Bench Press
  2. Db Overhead Press
  3. Lat Pull Down
  4. Bent Over Bb Row
  5. Db Curls
  6. Overhead Rope Extension

Tuesday- rest day

Wednesday-lower day

  1. Squads
  2. Bb Lunges
  3. Good Morning
  4. Leg Press
  5. Seated Leg Extensions
  6. Calf Raises

Thursday-rest day

Friday- upper day

  1. Incline Bench Press
  2. Incline Db. Fly
  3. Bb Upright Row
  4. Plate Front Raise
  5. Seated Cable Rows
  6. Bb Shrugs

Saturday- rest day

Sunday-lower day:

  1. Seated abductor machine for beginners
  2. Good morning
  3. Db stiff leg deadlifts
  4. Deadlifts

For beginners 45-60 minutes workout for 10 weeks can show you results Rest is must after workout, after taking your nutrition when you rest for some period your muscle fibers rebuild in size and it grows.

Those who want to build lean muscles upper/lower splits is optimal training for you. It takes major advantage of factors necessary in workout for hypertrophy increase:

  1. a) mechanical tension:

If you are lifting heavy weights more resistance is applied to you and therefore muscle group receives greater resulting force. This force is known as mechanical tension.

  1. b) metabolically stress:

It is an augment muscle activation and cause.

c)muscle damage

When three of this I.e., mechanical tension, metabolically stress and muscle damage is combined they create an anabolic effect on body which is created by molecular signaling from the initial stimulus



  • It requires broader knowledge of exercise
  • The training schedule is more rigid



The push/pull splits are same as upper-lower splits the main different in that it divides training in two sections that is pulling and pushing. It is common in power lifting community. It Creates a Balanced Physique and Optimize Recovery. The one who want to maximize the strength push and pull split is the best one for them. Push workout trains your chest, shoulders, and triceps whereas pull workout trains the back, biceps, and forearms. In this training split a day for lower body and core is also included. The 4 days pull and push workout splits trains all muscle group twice. It is beneficial for both advance and intermediate trainee.

If you are beginner you can stick to these schedule for 6 months to get better results, it’s just a suggestion, the decisions are up to you.

The workout split for you if you want to do nothing on train on weekend:

Monday: push A

Tuesday: pull A

Wednesday: off

Thursday: push B

Friday: pull B

And as per your choice the weekends will be off days you can enjoy it.

Beside this if you want to maximize your rest you can go for 1 day workout and the other day rest, but in this case, you have to work out on Saturday. also note that point for rebuilding muscles You should take rest for 48-72 hours to fully recover before training again. There are very few isolations exercise in the beginner program because the program concentrates on the old school mass movement like squats standing military press and deadlifts

These gives two benefits to beginner:

  • Great strength and teaching basic techniques
  • Large number of muscle group works at once including all the core muscles

The people who are intermediate weightlifters for 6 months to 2 years should consider training 3-4 days per week.

The people who have experience of more than two years can train up 6 times per week.

The Experts example for beginner and intermediate lifters:

  • Day 1: Push
  1. A) Seated dumbbell shoulder press.
  2. B) Dumbbell incline chest press.
  3. C) Bodyweight triceps dips.
  4. D) Cable rope triceps pushdown.
  5. E) Incline dumbbell chest fly.
  6. F) Dumbbell lateral shoulder raise
  • Day 2: Rest Day


  • Day 3: Pull day
  1. Bend over barbell row.

B)Cable pulldown.

  1. C) Dumbbell shrugs.
  2. D) Bicepscurls.
  • Day 4: Rest Day


  • Day 5: Legs and core
  1. Barbell back squat.
  2. Quadriceps leg.
  3. Seated hamstring leg extension.
  4. Dumbbell standing calf raise.
  5. Hanging leg raise.

Tips for beginner

  • First learn proper techniques
  • Don’t be shy of failures try again and again
  • Train 3 days a week
  • Take 1 day’s rest as per schedule

If you are a beginner and have ambition to gain strength than you can definitely go for these two workout splits