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Are Clear Aligners Better than Braces?

A smile is the most attractive part of our faces, when someone smiles, it increases that person’s beauty 10 times more. And when we are talking about the smile. It’s related to oral health also.

Taking care of your oral health is necessary. Not only because it looks more attractive, but it also keeps away germs and many more oral diseases. However, some people don’t have straight aligned teeth. And it creates problems in the future. So to solve this problem, people used to wore metal/ceramic braces.

So many people have complained about the disadvantages of braces, though it solves the problem after some time. But it creates trouble in daily life.

It’s really heavy to wear and you can’t enjoy some of your favorite food. And some people face issues regarding their looks. It doesn’t match their aesthetics. That’s why they refuse to have orthodontic treatments.

So to solve the problem, clear aligners have arrived in the market to save you.

What are teeth aligners?

Aligners are made with plastic material? It’s clear and transparent. Not as heavy and hard as braces. Clear aligners are customized for each person and it comes out with the shape of your teeth and looks like teeth in a plastic body.

It has upper and lower trays which sit in your mouth and it slowly moves the teeth to have their right structure. It is removable. Whenever you need to brush your teeth or eat, you can remove them. But don’t remove it too much. It needs to sit in your mouth for about 21 to 22 hours a day.

However, the doctor takes out a 3D scan of your mouth to make the plates according to your teeth and mouth structure.

There are so many brands available in the market for aligners. Among them, one of the most trustable brands is illusion aligners.

Now the next question comes. Which is how they work and why they are better than braces. Well, hold your breath to know the secrets.

 5 reasons aligners are better than braces

Aligners are equal to braces by the work. Well, there is no doubt here. Most people hesitate before trying out something new. Will not talk about the price segment here. Because braces costs are not less than aligners. Over that, you need to appoint the dentist every month for tightening. But braces don’t need all that.

Before the actual aligning, you need to wear aligners which will make your teeth habituated and create an opportunity to sit the actual aligners. These are called zero-degree aligners.

As it’s new in the market, research has been going on till now. Very few results have come out. But according to the doctors, this updated dental care will surely be proved the safest and best way soon.

Here’s  why

Comfortable: none of us know it better than the users themselves. Braces users have to face so many comfortable issues. And that’s why aligners arrived in the market to have your back. Braces have fine strings which are made out of metal. And if by chance it loses down or gets out of the line, it may cut the inner mouth. Which will cause scratches, bleeding, and cuts. The worst will happen when it will turn into an infection. And then without fixing mouth and gum problems, it will increase the trouble even more.

Where aligners have a plastic body without any strings. And the plates sit in your mouth in a way that looks like your own teeth.

Food: there are so many food restrictions during brace treatment. And that can be the worst thing if you are a food lover. hard, crunchy, sticky foods are strictly inhibited. Food like caramel candy, caramel chocolates, peanutchikki, apricots, and many other foods like this can damage your braces. As a result, metal damage and fine scratches may waste all of your money.

But with aligners, you can eat whatever you want. You can have all kinds of hard, crunchy, sticky food. It will not restrict you from wasting your fav food.

Oral hygiene: daily oral care is needed. But with braces, it’s become a hectic job. The brace body doesn’t allow you to brush and clean your teeth properly and the bristles of the brush get stuck in the braces.

Where aligners are removable while brushing the teeth. You can easily clean the plates of your aligners. As a result, you get a fresh mouth every day. You don’t need to compromise with hygiene.

Appointment: it’s costly to visit the dentist every other month to tighten the strings of the metal braces. But clear aligners give you freedom. With aligners, you don’t need to visit the dentist each month and you can save lots of money.

Aesthetics: some of us don’t like the appearance of braces. As a result, they lose their daily life confidence and feel low. They fear to smile and come out with a smile. That’s why they lose the opportunity to get socialize with people and it can affect them in so many ways.

Where braces have no such issues. It looks the same as your teeth.

So you are getting so many benefits without comprising anything. Then don’t wait further. Don’t take a chance to happen any of these problems mentioned above.

Get your hand in aligners now.