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Gummy smile and six different ways to correct it.

Does your gum appear more than expected while you smile? Then you have a gummy smile.

A gummy smile is a cosmetic dental problem where patients have issues with their gum showing while smiling.

In this case, there are significantly less oral health issues. Research shows maximum people with gummy smiles feel embarrassed and uncomfortable while smiling or speaking. However, it varies from person to person.

A gummy smile won’t affect your health. But if you want to change it, you can. So many people don’t know about the gummy smile treatment. And that’s why, even after wanting to change, they can’t.

To solve their problem with solutions, this blog will help them out. We will discuss the root of the problem and give you ways to correct it.

Reasons behind the gummy smile

There are various reasons behind a gummy smile, but these are the four most common reasons, according to the doctors and a more significant number of patients.

  • Gum problems
  • Teeth problems
  • Jawbone structure
  • Lip problems

Gum problems: overgrowth of gum can be one of the common problems for gummy smiles. There are several reasons behind the overgrowth of gum: hormonal changes, improper oral routine, genetic problems, or medications. The surgeons took out the concealed teeth underneath the gum to balance everything.

Teeth problems: some people have a genetic issue where they have tiny teeth. Or their teeth have not erupted properly. In this case, a gummy smile occurs.

Jawbone problems: extra growth of the upper jawbone and forward positioning of the jawbone is another reason for a gummy smile.

Lip problem: if you feel stuck while smiling, you have too strong muscles around your lip. Which is the reason for the gummy smile. In this case, your gums are visible while smiling; another reason is short and thinner upper lips.

There are so many clinics available to treat the problem. Renowned clinics like Therapeuo clinic have the best treatment for you with a considerable success rate.

The doctors will find out the problem from the roots. Your treatment will be according to the problem you have.

We will divide the gummy smile treatment into six different parts for your better knowledge.

Six ways to cure a gummy smile

Orthodontic treatment: orthodontic treatment can cure half of your problems if you have one of the problems mentioned earlier. Especially teeth and gum problems. In this case, you may use braces or aligners to structure the teeth and correct the jawbone. You are lucky if your problem is solved after only this treatment. But if you are still left with half the problem. No worries, the surgeons will cure them with the following procedure to get you the perfect smile.

Lip treatment: if the shorter and thinner lips are the problems. Then it can be cured with botox filling or lip surgery to loosen up the muscles. In botox, they inject a liquid into the lips to make them more ticker and plumper, covering up the gum and fic the problem.

Gum contouring:  gum lift surgery Is done with a laser to remove excessive gum tissue from your gums to shorten the length. It’s one of the easy treatments and also less time-consuming. If you have a mild gum problem, it can be done in just one day; otherwise, it won’t take more than two days to be done if you have more significant gum issues.

Teeth cleaning: another milder gummy smile treatment is professional teeth cleaning. But remember that this is only for those with minor issues. There are so many cases of teeth swelling due to wrong medications, and you should always consult your doctor before taking any medicine.

Crowns: if you have shorter teeth by birth, this treatment might help. This is for those people who have got genetically shorter teeth, and crowns lengthen the teeth to cover up the extra gum.

Gum lift:  this one another gum-related surgery to cure a gummy smile. If the surgeons find out the extra part of your teeth, which is covered by the gums, then they will proceed with this treatment. This is also called ‘crown lengthening treatment.’ The extra skin and gums will be removed to bring out the teeth, which will cover up the excess gum and make it look perfect.

So these were six tips to cure your gummy smile.

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If you are happy with your gummy smile, then it’s magnificent. Listen to your heart, not the society, because there is much to do than perfect your looks.

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Hope this blog has helped you get the superior knowledge you were searching for. Most doctors do the mentioned treatments. And lots of people get hope after having their sessions.

Hoping the same for you too.